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Welcome to the world of sex dolls. was established in 2014 and it is a website selling lifelike sex dolls. We offer a wide range of best sex dolls, including both male sex dolls and female sex dolls, as well as a variety of different body types, skin tones, accessories, clothes and wigs etc. to help customers customize their doll to their liking. View our collection of over 2000 realistic sex dolls. Free shipping and price guaranteed for all love dolls.

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Sex Dolls have been radically improved since the first doll-like ivory sculpture made thousands of years ago, i.e., the looking and materials of sex dolls. Our sex dolls are made of fantastic silicone or TPE. Silicone sex dolls are made of the high-quality materials to guarantee our clients are blissful and use their love dolls for a long time. Our lovely dolls offer three holes butt-centric, vaginal and oral to meet your sexual cravings. We male every life-size sex doll for your needs, you can select skin colors, heads and bodies, and also pick additional options that make your doll the way you want her to look like. We take pride in the sex doll creation and improvement with a lot of passion. Our sex dolls are not just for sexual delight, no matter you’re searching for sexual dolls or a partner to live with you, our sex dolls will doubtless meet your needs. OvDoll invites you to customize your sex dolls and enrich your life.

We keep improving as both manfaturer and vendor.
OVDoll is an adult sex doll manufacturer and vendor over ten years experience. We operate by a very professional team and act as legal reseller for other sex doll brands. Best sex dolls shall have nice face and perfect body ratio. All the products on our website are carefully selected, produced and perfected by our OVDoll staff. For example, the human body has more than one hundred joints, but a sex doll has only 32 joints. In order to make the sex doll more like a real person, we are continuously researching to increase the body joints and also to enhance the material of sex dolls.

We care our buyers’ needs and privacy.
We respect the privacy of our customers. When we ship the sex dolls, there will be no printing about the doll on the package and no details of the company name will be visible on the box. We use the safest package to deliver it and as discretely as possible.

We are the largest supplier in the sex doll market.
We have sex dolls in various styles, shapes, and sizes – enthusiastic, unrestrained, cute, etc. – you will find the one(s). Our sex dolls are comprehensive and natural looking. E.g., Eye color could be green, black, blue, etc; Skin color: brown, pink, yellow, etc.; Vagina: built-in, split; Cups: A, B, C, D, E, F, etc; Hair wigs: long straight, short, curly, wavy, twists, etc. You can also email us your photos and choose a custom service to create your doll.

We Offer Free Shipping & Often Discounts
We provide free worldwide shipping. We offer a free door-to-door delivery service and you can also choose to pick it up at a depot new you. There are no hidden charges. The price on the website is the final price you pay, there are no additional custom duties. We also offer frequent sex doll discounts, so please do not hesitate to contact us (
To give benefits to new and repeat customers, we always offer discounts. The discount prices we offer are the cheapest on the market for high-quality goods.

Customers from all over world choose us because we are the best in the market. The following reasons detail why we stand out top among many sex doll sellers and have high recognition from many doll lovers.

We have a high quality standard and are a well established business in the industry.
Our physical dolls are popular for quality and affordability. Also, we have several decades of operating history. This accumulated experience, over the longterm, has helped us become a well established professional business for adult dolls. Each doll is carefully checked before shipment to ensure the product is in a good condition.

A wide variety of designs
At present, we have thousands of sex doll faces. We have most amount of sex dolls on the market. Our sex dolls range in height and meet the needs of almost all our consumers.

Operation feasibility
Our factory has a large area and ample inventory. This means if the doll height and attributes you ordered are standard, we can ship them immediately. If you choose a custom doll, such as doll’s skin color, eye color, and vaginal type, it only takes 2-3 days to carefully construct the specialised doll for you.

Worry-free shopping experience
We offer a 24 hours pre-sales and after-sales online service, no matter what questions about sex dolls, you can consult us at any time, we will reply you as quickly as possible. All of our employees are committed to serving every customer to the best of their ability and want to leave a pleasant shopping experience for each customer.

Consistent goal
Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best sex doll, that is affordable, and enhance your quality of life. If you have more questions, you can check on our sex doll frequently asked question page or email us

Sex dolls have become very popular in contemporary times. In life, you may have heard a lot about sex dolls, and there are many men and women around you who now own sex dolls.

Can a realistic sex doll replace a real woman? To some extent it can and for many she can give you a better experience than a real person. Purchasing sex dolls has become a normal habit for many adults. This is because dolls can be the solution to many of life problems, such as disharmony in sexual life or lacking sexual partners. In fact sex dolls are increasingly becoming irreplaceable. Sex dolls can satisfy many adults needs for companionship. They have important life meanings beyond just being sexual objects and these can have an increasingly important role. On many of our website pages, you can see life-like and beautiful photos taken by professional photographers. We are very happy to hear from customers who are very satisfied with our adult dolls and they are proud to share the dolls photos with friends.

Our sex dolls can improve your quality of life. Realistic sex dolls can alleviate troubles you may encounter, can help free you from loneliness in life and can make your life more colourful. If you are considering to buy a sex doll, our online store offers you the best choice on the market. We have high quality products and our services are next to none. Meanwhile we also endeavour to protect customer privacy as best as possible and deliver our goods discretely to a location selected by the customer.


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