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It goes without saying that one would expect black sex dolls to be on the curvier side of things. They typically have well-rounded asses and curvy hips to match not to forget the big burst. Their eyes are either black or brown as is typical of people of African descent. To go alongside the beautiful eyes are curvy lips. The facial shape will often depend on a client’s tastes and preferences.

The human race has been shaped in many ways by sex. We cannot deny its importance in our physical and mental health. It is no wonder that sexual pleasures are sought after by both men and women from a variety of sources. Sex dolls are one such source. These sex toys have been built and perfected over the years and are still seeing further innovation with the ever-growing needs of the clientele they cater to.

One such market segment is that which is intrigued by sexual encounters with men and women of an African origin. To satisfy the needs of this niche, black sex dolls were created. These sex toys aim at shining a light on the beautiful aspects of a black woman that are seldom paid attention to in day to day life. The physical forms of these dolls thus draw their inspiration from the physique of black women.

Black sex dolls are built to mimic the African woman’s sex appeal that is a result of their resilience and sturdiness. Their thighs are thick and have well-defined calves that give the legs the definition and beauty they deserve. While some dolls come with nappy and thick hair, others have soft curly hair. The difference in thickness and kink of the hair exists to allow for a fair representation of the different black women in different parts of the world.

Depicting all black women as being thick and curvy would be feeding into a rather unfair stereotype. It is for this reason that these dolls are customizable. Depending on the tastes and preferences of the end-user, black dolls allow for customization of hair color, length, and texture, skin tone, bust size, butt shape and size as well as the size of the hips.

You have the option of choosing between a life-sized doll, a mini doll or a torso doll. The life-sized black sex dolls and the mini dolls have many similarities. The major difference is the height of the dolls. Other features that can be customized include the vagina. You can choose to have this as a permanent fixture on your doll or as a removable feature. The latter makes it easier to clean the area after use.

Our black sex dolls at ovdoll.com allow you to achieve sexual pleasure from vaginal, oral, and, or, anal sexual experiences. Feel free to get in touch with us and let us know of your preferences in particular physical features, hair type, height as well as other features that you would like us to include. Your pleasure is our number one priority.

Feel free to get in touch and tell us (sales@ovdoll.com) of your experience with one of our beauties.