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The life of fame and fortune is one that is rather appealing to a great majority of people. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want the wealth and recognition that comes with the life of a celebrity? Well most of them at least. It is, therefore, no wonder that people from various walks of life will develop a crush on a celebrity sex doll, sometimes multiple celebrities.

Romanticized celebrity crushes is a phenomenon that most celebrities have come to terms with. This romanticizing is being taken a step further from simply dreaming of sexual encounters with our favorite celebrities to actively seeking them out. Since it is near impossible to get that up close and personal with the rich and famous, more and more people have been turning to sex dolls and sex robots to fulfill this desire.

The evolution of technology has enabled sex doll manufacturers to create life-like dolls capable of minimal human-like interactions. These dolls not only mimic the shape and size of an actual human being, but they can also be made to look exactly like a specific human being. Sex doll manufacturers have been known to grant requests of people looking to replace the companionship of their dead spouses with replica dolls. These requests are slowly moving towards replica celebrity dolls.

Celebrity sex dolls, while they are all the rage, are a rare find. This is mainly due to the legal restrictions that surround the use of another person’s image of likeness without their permission. Even for dead celebrities, for a sex doll to be made in their likeness, the manufacturers are required to see permission from their surviving family and estate. This can be a costly and time-consuming process that almost always ends with the manufacturers being denied permission.

However, if you are hell-bent on getting your hands on a celebrity doll, manufacturers have come up with an ingenious caveat to the existing legal problem. While they are prohibited from making dolls that are a spitting image of a given celebrity without their permission manufacturers can create dolls that come close to the likeness of a celebrity. Physical features of the doll can be made to look as close as possible to that of the celebrity in question with details such as hair color and eye color being matched.

Another way around this is the creation of dolls that resemble characters played by the actress or actor but not of the actors themselves. One classic example is the wonder woman doll. This doll has been given the long legs and full figure of the actress playing the role of wonder woman, Galgadot. The doll comes in the wonder woman costume and its hair is styled to match that of wonder woman. It however is not a doll mimicking the likeness of Galgadot. For people who fancy this model and actress, the wonder woman doll can make for a great celebrity doll without causing any legal trouble for any of the parties involved.

Like other life-like dolls, celebrity dolls are made of TPE or silicone on the exterior to enhance the feeling of touching human skin. They have a metallic skeleton to help them maintain their beautiful forms.