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Realistic Sex Dolls are Sex Dolls designed to fit all your realistic sex needs.

A realistic sex doll is a sex doll designed to fit all your realistic sex needs. Amazingly that they have both anal holes and vaginas (various types included) which can be customized to ensure sweetness during sex. Just like a real woman, OVDoll.com gives you a chance to select the body shape which attracts you. These options include the size of boobs, hairstyle, color and public hair.

A Life-size Realistic Sex Doll with human shape is used by adults to masturbate. It enables users to experience the pleasure of sex. In the past, it was designed to be inflatable, these inflatable sex toys have lower prices however worse tactility. Recently, sex dolls were gradually upgraded into silicone and TPE dolls and they are increasingly realistic in terms of appearance and texture.

Features of our Sex Doll

Sex doll is a sex toy designed by imitating human beings. Our life-size sex doll has the following features:

  • Smooth and lustrous, the skin of a sex doll is very life-like and close to true skin in terms of its tactility. Nowadays, sex doll has artificial skin of high fidelity. Poisonous and tasteless, the texture of a sex doll has a high sense of depth, high durability, long lifespan, and highly realistic tactility. Easy to clean, a sex doll can be washed by clean and soapy water.
  • As every joint of a sex doll is composed of resinous material synthesized by high polymer and its interior has metal racks, it can be changed into any sex position you like to allow you to experience more superb feeling during sexual intercourse. You can impose any order on a sex doll and you can treat her as a sexy, attractive, beautiful and considerate lover.
  • Designed with functions of intelligent heating and generating sound, our sex dolls can groan ecstatically during sexual intercourse. These functions can be activated through e.g., a gentle touch, perceptual fingering and hardcore sex. The entire body of the doll can be heated through heating to reach 37℃, the same temperature of the human body to enable you to feel warmth in the quilt.

The Functions of OVDoll’s Sex Doll

  • A listener. When you are in a bad mood or tired after work or dissatisfied about life, you can tell all these pain and suffering to your sex doll. She will sit beside you quietly and be your listener.
  • A sex partner. When you are in distress of being unable to find a girlfriend or boyfriend, a sex doll can become a choice to meet your sexual demand.
  • A staged property. If you are a shutterbug, you can dress up your sex doll, take some pictures of it and share them with other people who bought a sex doll to show your works.

The Things You Should Know About when purchasing Realistic Sex Dolls:

When you are in the market, you may or may not have that shyness of buying something like this. That is why you should switch to the internet and order it without getting anyone known about it. Well, that is the first step, but how would you know that the product is perfect in every aspect. The online adult stores feature realistic sex dolls for both men and women along with various sets of sex toys. So, you can find the right ‘object’ of pleasure easily. Things You Should Know About that can help you exactly when buying a sex doll.

How to Choose a Realistic Sex Doll

Dolls have different attributes based on different needs. The chests of these dolls have different sizes, some of which are flat and small. Other are medium and large. The skin colors of these dolls are yellow, white, brown. The wigs of these dolls have different kinds, such as pigtail, long and straight hair, curly and short hair. The dolls’ eyes have different colors, like green, blue and brown. The vagina of dolls has a separated and build-in type.

  • Sex Doll Price

You may just track down the realistic sex dolls for sale firstly to save cost, in this case, you can check our Cheap Sex Dolls category.

The price tag for the realistic sex dolls will be vital info to people. Buyers want to get a great new deal that people will admire. The price tag is well worth a new look in short order. The cost of realistic sex dolls is important to most buyers. Some buyers might have a limited budget and the dolls can get expensive over time. The cost is worth it and the shipping is Free. OVDoll is a seller that is ready to make a good deal work for sex doll fans.

  • The First Step is to Choose Height:

Our sex dolls have different sizes. The heights of OVDolls are between 65cm to 180cm, with their weights ranging from 15kg to 40kg. You can choose an attractive mid-sized or tall girl. It all depends on your taste and requirements. However, to some freshmen who first own a sex doll, we recommend picking the lightest one as transportation, showering, and wearing is much easier (These heights include: 100cm Sex Dolls, 125cm Sex Dolls, 135cm Sex Dolls, and 145cm Sex Dolls). Once you are proficient in these procedures, you can choose taller sex dolls (for example, 158cm Sex Dolls, 165cm Sex Dolls, and 170cm Sex Dolls).

  • The Second Step is to Choose the Physical Proportion and Their Attributes:

Sex Dolls have different attributes based on different needs. Some men prefer plump and mature women while others like slim and young girls.

  • The Third Step is To Choose The Face Styles:

The faces of our sex dolls have many styles and they can basically meet the demands of all people. There are many face styles available for customers to choose, Anglo-American type, Asian type, cartoon type, young girl type, domineering lady type, and loli type. You can choose different types based on your tastes.

Notices of Using a Sex Doll

  • To avoid being smudged or dyed, sex dolls should not contact pollutant that is easy to fade.
  • It is normal to have some oil on the surface of the sex doll skin. Oil on the surface of the body can release a faint scent of the human body and it can protect the skin from cracking.
  • Because sex dolls have a metal skeleton in the interior of their bodies, their bending degree should not exceed the bending degree of the human body when changing sex position. Besides, avoid pushing too hard when bending their bodies to prevent dolls’ skin from being strained.
  • Sex dolls should be available to only one person. Sex dolls are prohibited from being lent to others to prevent sexually transmitted diseases because they are used privately.
Sex Doll Makeups

Sex Doll Production

Every sex doll is designed by artists and made up by professionals, we also offer custom service for unique sex dolls. All staffs work with their passion and are very hopeful.

  • Materials of Sex Dolls

Currently, the online adult marketplaces have the TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and silicone sex dolls for the customers. The differences between silicone dolls and TPE dolls as following:
Silicone dolls generally feel slightly hard, and TPE dolls will be very soft;
The detail of the silicone doll’s performance is better than TPE dolls;
Silicone dolls can be stretched three to five times by different theories,
TPE dolls can be stretched to six to eight times. Therefore, the TPE glue’s pull is better.

Realistic Sex Doll Feet and Intelligent Enhanced Features
  • Quality Guarantee

A guarantee or warranty would confirm the quality of these products. You can pay 30% Deposit and remain after checking the proof images before shipping. If there is any problem, we will refund this deposit.

Manufacturer and Reseller – OVDoll

There are many brands of dolls on the market. OVDoll has all styles of WM, Sino, and Z-onedoll. OVDoll, WM doll and Z-one doll are famous in the market. WM doll is famous for various styles and it has grown to be a corporation with great influence in the field. Z-onedoll is famous for his doll with sounds and heating function. These functions are hard to implement for other companies. We have our own factory. But we are also the agent of these two manufacturers, we have been in good partnership all along. We can offer competitive prices.
Heating & Sound system.

Sex Doll Features

Probably, the adults of any age prefer teen sex dolls as their favorite objects of sexual stimulation. You could be looking at Big Boobs or Big Ass Dolls, which offer extreme pleasure to your eyes and culminates your fantasy.

The Realistic Sex Dolls are the best seller among dedicated fans. That puts the manufacturers in the spotlight and we are glad to fulfill the role. The new products are making news and appealing to doll fans. Realistic sex dolls are marketed towards a specific group of people. That appeals to anyone who wants to improve the range of products made available.

OVDoll Reviews

Read the reviews and questions for the sex dolls on our product detail pages, for example, the Natalia Doll. New fans can know more info and insight about the product. Buys have written reviews about the manufacturers in a good time. Our realistic sex dolls are sold to people who want to enjoy sex dolls. From our experience, buyers admire us and want to provide their own feedback to them. That explains why people offer constructive criticism of the sex dolls today. The reviews are updated and important info is passed on to new people. OVDoll buyers are welcome to write new reviews and help us connect with the user base as well.

Review example of custom and existing sex doll Lion:

Lion 163cm Review from our buyer Kryt0.

First of all i would like to give 4.5 stars, but it’s not possible, so i go with the 5.

My doll arrived after 3 weeks. Might be because i wanted them to remove the penis, and that caused delay.

She is creepily realistic. The images they showed me before sending her(pale white) was different from what i got(tanned). So don’t get surprised if you got presented a different looking doll. You got the exact same as on the pictures.

She feels nice inside and out. Her curves are amazing at the point i need to keep her out of sight, not to get tempted in every hour…

Be careful while handling her. The wrists, elbows, and sols are absolute weak points. Cracks easily. You definitely need the standing feature. Don’t make my mistake. Also the wig is really bad. Once you ruffled up a bit it’s impossible to straighten it, and you get hair everywhere. Get a shorter one, or a replacement just in case. The vag and anus is in a weird angle, that makes some positions difficult. But all these are minor issues.

The doll is well worth the money.

I hope this was helpful for someone.

Sex Doll Accessories

Clothing and accessories come in next after you choose the doll. As there are multitudes of products you would seek from the seller, such as a cleaner, heating rods, and so on as gifts random for dolls and others.

Custom a Sex Doll

This one is a new entity. Do you really have had an orgasmic pleasure with some celebrity in your mind? Have one? Say it. For Toe-to-head Fully Custom Sex Dolls, you can provide photographic references of any such person.

There is an option to Custom Sex Dolls of our existing dolls. People change the sex dolls, there are many different hairs, eye, and body styles that go with the existing realistic sex dolls. Upgrade the doll for larger breasts or a more supple butt. There are plenty of ways that fans can upgrade their realistic sex dolls as well. We are helping people identify the best features that they want to include. The realistic sex dolls can make for great companions at the next opportunity.

Privacy Protection

If you are frank about buying these realistic love dolls in public, then probably you would have no problem accepting it from the delivery man. If you want to be it a private matter, please don’t worry, we will never write “sex dolls” or anything associated with this industry so no one will know what is inside.

Sex Doll Shipping

We deliver sex dolls around the world. After shipping we will send you a tracking number, so that you can track, where is your doll and when will it arrive.