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A 2ft 65cm sex doll can easily be taken by the customers as a very useful sex toy because of the size.

It is well known that people’s sexuality commands their life and instincts. One of the most used toys for letting people’s imagination set free is a sex doll. But, what is a sex doll?. A sex doll or love doll is a sex toy made based on certain characteristics that make it accomplishes the role of a sex partner. Some of the requirements this sex toy should have are size and shape firstly, as well as consistency and accessories. If the sex doll is well made with all of the requirements it will have good functionality aiding the person who is using it to masturbation.

For a customer, comfort is has a big impact at the moment of buying something. And, if this product is a direct body use product it must be well planned. Based on the fact that our product is only 65cm height, it won’t cover as much population of clients as we need. Therefore, producing a doll of this size will for sure carry to us advantages. Although the height of this doll is short, her body is complete and functional, including the vagina and anus. It will meet the customer’s sexual needs.

The advantages of producing a sex doll in this short size can be mentioned taking into account what the customers might think. If the product is not big, it will make easy to manipulate for by person who wants to use it. As it is a short size silicone sex doll, will be easy to take it in the customer’s baggage to anywhere the client wants to go. Another important advantage is that we can separate this product from the other and sell it as a specific product for short size people. In summary, for the first time customers who buy dolls, when the funds are limited, you can choose this little doll first. Our 2-foot silicone sex doll will meet the special size requirements of some customers. It is loved by customers in the market.