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Sex Dolls 101: The Ultimate buying sex doll Guide

If you are looking to buy a sex doll, you will want to make sure that the product you choose is safe to use, realistic, and gives you the pleasure that you are seeking. There are a lot of realistic sex dolls on the market today, but there are also a lot that look and feel fake and, therefore, do not give you the gratification that you need. With that in mind, we have put together a comprehensive guide to help you understand what you should look for when purchasing a sex doll. Continue reading to discover everything you need to know.

What is a sex doll?

A sex doll is a sex toy that has been designed to make you feel like you are having sex with the woman of your dreams. Sex dolls have been made so that they are fully realistic and anatomically correct. From their hair to their toes; male and female sex dolls have been crafted expertly to ensure that they look and feel like the same thing. A lot of people assume that sex dolls replicate those inflatable toys that are thrown around at bachelor parties! This could not be further from the truth. In fact, we are sure that you will be truly astonished by the realism of these dolls.

The vast majority of sex dolls on the market today do cover the entire body; from the face to the feet. Nevertheless, you can get a partial sex doll if you would prefer. All of the sex dolls on the market come with anatomical body parts like the mouth, penis, anus, and vagina too. After all, that’s the reason most people are purchasing them. In some cases, you can get sex dolls whereby their body parts vibrate or they are exchangeable, which means you can have different experiences with the same sex doll.


Why should you buy a sex doll?

You may have been considering purchasing a sex doll for quite some time now, yet you may be feeling a little bit nervous about the experience. We understand. While sex dolls are used all over the world by a huge range of people, for some, they still feel a bit taboo! You shouldn’t miss out on the incredible experience a sex doll will provide because of those nagging doubts. Below, we reveal some of the reasons why buying a sex doll is something you won’t regret…


Great sex, how you like it, and when you like it

There is only one place to begin when it comes to sex dolls, and this is the fact that you are going to be able to have amazing sex, whenever you want to have it and in any way that you like it. It does not matter what sort of sex you’re into or how frequently you want it, your sex doll will be able to cater to it. It is all about you and getting your sexual gratification, no matter how frequently you need it or what type of sex you need.


Sex without any strings attached or drama

A sex doll certainly isn’t going to answer back to you. They are not going to ask you about your relationship status, that’s for sure! You don’t have to worry about any drama when you have a sex doll. In fact, there are a lot of people in relationships who have sex dolls because their partner will not give them the gratification they desire and they do not want to seek it from another human. For example, a lot of people have sex dolls so that they can experience anal sex.


You are always going to be safe

One of the great benefits that are associated with a sex doll, which a lot of people do not consider, is the fact that you are always going to be safe. If you have sex with another person, there is always the risk that you could get an STD. even if you are careful, mistakes do happen. Plus, an unplanned pregnancy is another possible scenario. This is not something that you are ever going to need to worry about with a realistic sex doll.


Huge variety of sex dolls – all tastes are catered to

It does not matter what you’re into, whether it is older women, big bums, flat chests, big breasts, dark hair, or any other type of woman, you will be able to find the right sex doll for you. There is also a huge selection of male sex dolls as well. From big penises to small penises, from dark skin to light skin; there is something for everyone. You will be able to end up with the perfect man or woman of your dreams. How often does that happen in reality? It simply doesn’t!


Your budget/quality of sex doll

Now that you have a good understanding regarding what a sex doll is, let’s get right into it and reveal the different factors that you need to consider when you are looking for the best sex doll for your needs. The first thing you need to consider is your budget and the quality of the sex doll you are looking for. Needless to say, the more money you are willing to spend, the better the sex doll. This is why some of the best sex dolls on the market will set you back more than $1,000. They are certainly worth it, though, when you consider the sheer amount of pleasure and excitement you’re going to get from your sex doll. Generally speaking, you can split the sex dolls on the market today into three different categories in terms of quality and realism. These are as follows: entry-level sex dolls, mid-range sex dolls, and high-end luxury sex dolls. We will give you an understanding of what to expect from each one below.

Entry-level sex dolls


Entry-level sex dolls

These sex dolls tend to be smaller. They will often be around three-feet tall, yet not all of their body parts are small! You can still find entry-level sex dolls with Double D cup breasts, for example! These sex dolls are great for those who are looking to explore this side of their sexual fantasy for the first time. They are not as sturdy and long-lasting as other sex dolls, and there is not as much attention to detail. However, you can certainly have a lot of fun with these sex dolls and they are easier to store than the heavier and more luxurious sex dolls. Therefore, if you need to keep your doll away from prying eyes, you should find it a lot easier if you go for one of the entry-level sex dolls. A lot of people go down this route before committing their funds to one of the more expensive options. They want to make sure they receive the pleasure they are hoping to. Of course, it is worth pointing that your pleasure is only going to heighten once you enjoy this experience with one of the high-end realistic sex dolls that are available.


Mid-range sex dolls

Next, we have mid-range sex dolls. These sex dolls are fun and they are very lifelike. You may not be able to tell the difference between a luxury doll and a mid-range sex doll at first glance. This is because all of the basics are right. However, the material and the finer details are just going to be lacking when you go for a sex doll from this price range. You are still going to end up with an experience that is very realistic. However, your sex doll is not going to last as long as it would if you were to go for one of the more expensive models, so it is important to keep this in mind when you are looking for the right sex doll for you.

The materials that are used for sex dolls at this price range will typically be a low-grade or medium-grade silicone or TPE, which is thermoplastic elastomer. If silicone is used, it probably won’t be platinum cured, and this is a ley difference between luxury and mid-range sex dolls. When silicone is cured with platinum, it is going to last for longer. You are also going to find that the skeletons that are used for these dolls are going to be lighter and the joints will be less robust. This is not something you are going to notice in the beginning. However, as time goes on, the joints can become a bit more flimsy and the doll may not hold her or his position as well as it did when you first received it. Nevertheless, there is no denying that if you are on a bit of a tighter budget and you can’t afford a doll from the luxury range, you are still going to have a lot of fun with a mid-range sex dolls, and you can also still find some very realistic sex dolls in this range.


High-end luxury sex dolls

Last but not least, we have the ultimate in sex dolls! These realistic sex dolls are truly the best that money can buy. These dolls have been made by hand with an extreme attention to detail to ensure that even the smallest details are exact, for example, they make sure that every contour of the breasts and vagina are perfect, or the penis if you are looking for a male sex doll, of course. Even the smaller features, for example, the internal vaginal walls and even areas like the eyelashes are extremely realistic. This is just as good as the real thing, if not better!

Most of the high-end sex dolls that are on the market today have been made with premium quality, medical-grade macro-molecule silicone. Aside from being premium quality silicone, the material will then be platinum cured. This is important because curing the silicone with platinum stops oils from oozing out of the skin, which makes the sex doll last for years and years to come with the right care.

These dolls are made to last for many years and withstand all of your sexual desires, no matter how rough they may be! The materials used, the hand-craftsmanship, and the skeletons of the doll are extremely sturdy. The joints are long-lasting and strong, which means the sex dolls can hold positions and even stand on their own. One of the issues with the cheaper sex dolls on the market is that the joints can get limp and flimsy with prolonged use.


The material of the sex doll

Now, we are going to discuss the material of the sex doll you choose in a little bit more detail. This is something that we have briefly touched on in the former sections. The materials that are used for building and constructing the sex doll are important because they have an impact on the durability of the sex doll, as well as how realistic it is. This is important in a number of ways. After all, you want a doll that is durable so that you can have sex with it as often as you want and in any way that you want to.

At the moment, most of the dolls on the market are made using thermoplastic elastomer, known as TPE, or silicone. Sometimes, a mixture of both is used. Nevertheless, sex doll manufacturers are constantly looking for improvements that they can make when it comes to the feel of sex dolls. The sex dolls on the market at the moment provide an incredible experience, but as you know, any good business is always looking to do better. So, new releases often get better and better in terms of the experience they offer.

We will tell you a little bit more about the two main materials that are used at the moment…


Silicone Sex Dolls

Firstly, we are going to take a look at silicone. Body-safe silicone is a popular type of material for sex doll skin stimulation because it is hypoallergenic and odour-free. It is also a material that offers excellent flexibility and stability. It is naturally resistant to oil and UV rays, and when it is stretched it is going to return to its original shape as well. The difference between TPE and silicone sex dolls is that you are going to be able to put your silicone sex doll in the bath with you, so long as the head is kept above water.


TPE Sex Dolls

We also have TPE, which is a blend of polyvinyl chloride and silicone, which provides an alternative to synthetic plastic and natural rubber. TPE is a soft-touch material that is recyclable. It has the ability to be stretched and then return to the shape that it was to begin with, which is why it is one of the best options out there when it comes to realistic sex dolls. It not only offers great flexibility, but it is very realistic and soft as well. Another great benefit associated with TPE is the fact that it is affordable, and so you will be able to pick up an amazing sex doll without breaking the bank.


A mixture of TPE and silicone

As mentioned, you can also get a mixture of silicone and TPE used in some sex dolls. It is very common for these materials to be mixed together so that you can experience even more benefits. These dolls are less prone to the restrictions of TPE, providing skin that is very smooth and soft to touch.


The weight of the sex doll

Not only do you need to consider the material of the sex doll, but you also need to think about the weight of the sex doll as well. It is all about getting the right sort of balance when it comes to the weight of your sex doll. After all, you want something that is realistic and is going to last for many years to come. At the same time, you want to make sure that you can easily lift, move, and manoeuvre the sex doll as well. It is not uncommon for people to underestimate the bodyweight they think they can lift. If you are buying a sex doll for the first time, it is a good idea to go for a sex doll around 30kg. You should be able to handle this with ease. You can then move onto something heavier in the future if you wish.


The height of the sex doll

You are also going to need to think about what height is going to be right for you. When determining this, there are two things you need to consider. The first is your sexual experience. You need to think about whether the height of the doll is going to be important in terms of the overall sexual experience you are able to have. You may the sex doll to be as realistic as possible, and so one of the smaller sex dolls, which can be three feet in height, may not appeal to you. At the same time, you also need to think about the storage of your sex doll. You need to make sure that you have somewhere convenient to store the sex doll, as it is unlikely you are going to want it to be on display in your home at all times. If you think about both of these factors, you should be able to choose the right height for your needs.

View Sex Dolls in different heights:



Sex dolls that cater to certain fetishes

You can also find sex dolls on the market that cater to different fetishes. After all, a lot of men and women have certain fetishes that turn them on. For some men, they like women with flat chests. For others, they are a sucker for a big ass! Some people prefer a certain race or a specific age range. We all have different things that do it for us, right? So, if you have something that really gets you going, why not look for a fetish sex doll? Below, we will give you some examples of the different types of fetish sex dolls you are going to find on the market today…


  • Anime and fantasy sex dolls – First and foremost, we have fantasy and anime sex dolls. There is a huge industry for these types of sex dolls. A lot of men don’t say the girl next door or a female celebrity when they are asked about their ultimate fantasy. In fact, a lot of men will name a fictional female character. The anime and manga market is massive in Japan, and there has been a whole host of sex dolls that have been created to help you enjoy a sexual fantasy that you probably deemed impossible!
  • Celebrity sex dolls – Is there a certain celebrity that gets you excited? If so, you may want to look for a celebrity sex doll. These dolls have become more and more popular. Of course, there are some celebrity sex dolls out there that look nothing like the celebrity, so it is important to make sure you purchase from a quality retailer to avoid being disappointed.
  • Black sex dolls – If you are more attracted to a certain race, for example, you prefer women and men with dark skin, you will be able to find black sex dolls on the market. These types of sex dolls are becoming more popular, and the range is getting bigger and bigger. The industry still has quite a way to go, as most sex doll manufacturers are based in Asia, and so they started out targeting the local market. However, we are seeing a much more diverse range of sex dolls, and so if you prefer men and women with darker skin, we are sure you will be satisfied with what is available.
  • Flat-chested sex dolls – Not all men like women with big boobs! A lot of men prefer women with flat chests. If you are one of these men, don’t panic; the sex doll industry is not filled with massive boobs! There are plenty of sex dolls that cater to men who prefer just a hint of boob. These sex dolls are incredibly realistic, with tiny A-cups available if this is what you prefer.
  • MILF sex dolls – For those of you who appreciate women who get better with age, there is a great selection of MILF sex dolls on the market. After all, older women have all of the experience, right?
  • Big ass sex dolls – Do you consider yourself more of an ass man? If so, there is a great selection of sex dolls with big bums and wide hips on the market.
  • Big breast sex dolls – Last but not least, if you are a sucker for a pair of big breasts, you are going to have no trouble finding sex dolls that cater to this need. Not only can you find sex dolls that have double D and E cup sized breasts, but you can even find sex dolls with breasts so big that no bra in the world would be able to fit them!


Customize your sex doll

The best sex doll manufacturers on the market today actually make it possible for you to customise your own sex doll so that you can end up with the doll of your dreams. How incredible does that sound? You can make changes so that you receive the perfect sex doll for you. Once you click on the doll you are interested in, you will then be presented with a number of different options. Some of the areas that you are usually going to be able to change are as follows…


  • You can change the height of the sex doll
  • You will be able to choose from green, black, blue, and brown eyes
  • You can also change the skin colour of the sex doll, with a number of different shades to select from
  • The best retailers will provide a wide range of wig choices as well
  • Choose the right size breast cup for you
  • Would you prefer pubs or no pubs? The best manufacturers will give you more than two options here, with different styles of pubic hair to select from
  • Do you want the sex doll to be able to stand?
  • You will also be able to decide whether you want the vagina to be removable or built-in

Custom your sex dolls here: https://www.ovdoll.com/custom-sex-doll/


Choosing a manufacturer with care

Of course, it is not only important to make sure you choose a sex doll carefully, but you also need to make sure you choose a manufacturer with care. You need a company that has years of experience in the industry and a good reputation to back it up. This is something you can be certain of when you purchase from OVDoll. We have an excellent name in the sex doll market, and we provide our customers with a huge range of options to ensure their full satisfaction. You can select from a huge range of realistic sex dolls, and you can also make many customisations to your sex doll too. When it comes to the payment methods, we are also flexible. You will notice that you have the option of paying for the sex doll in full or you can pay a 30 per cent deposit, with the rest payable once you have seen images of the sex doll after your customisation choices have been made.

You will see that we have a great selection of reduced sex dolls on our website. We know that there are a lot of manufacturers at the moment that are charging fortunes for the sex dolls that they have available, which is why we have worked hard to make sure that our sex dolls are available at fair prices so that you do not have to miss out on the best sexual experience of your life. We also have demo videos on our website, as well as handy tips and information. If you have any questions, we can ensure that you will speak to someone who is friendly and will always respect your privacy and confidentiality, so you never have to feel nervous about getting in touch.

We also make sure that we ship your products in a confidential manner. Shipping is a huge area of concern for anyone who is buying any sort of sex toy. After all, you want to make sure that your privacy is protected. The packaging should be discreet so that nobody knows what sort of item is inside. You can be sure of this when you purchase from us. Furthermore, shipping is also important because the last thing you want is for your sex doll to be damaged while it is transit. You will want to be certain that the sex doll you have purchased is going to be packaged with care, incorporating enough foam pads to prevent any sort of damage to your sex doll while it is making its journey to you. We do everything in our power to make sure that this is the case. If you would like to find out more about this, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we would be happy to help.


Final words on purchasing a sex doll

As you can see, there is a lot that needs to be considered when you are looking for the perfect sex doll for you. We hope that this guide has helped you to feel more confident when shopping for a sex doll. As mentioned, there are a lot of realistic sex dolls on the market at the moment, so it is all about taking your time and finding the right product for you. Read reviews and really think about what you want from the doll you are going to purchase. If you do this, we are sure you will be happy with the toy you receive in the post.



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