If you need a sex doll in a hurry please choose the Fast Air Shipping Option and skip the follow content.

In this post we will explain one of our Free Shipping approaches: Sea Shipping + Local UPS Truck Delivery.

What is this Free Shipping approach?

To better explain this free shipping approach, let’s take a Canadian buyer’s order for example, where the buyer orders a customized sex doll which is manufactured in a factory located China,  US or Japan.

The free sea shipping approach is [Sea Shipping] + [Canadian UPS truck] delivery.

  • The sea shipping is from China, US or Japan, where the customised sex dolls are manufactured.
  • The sea shipping is to Canada, where the buyer’s country.
  • When the sea shipping is completed, Canadian UPS will pick the items at port and then deliver it to the Canada buyer by Truck.

How to track this Free Shipping approach?

Before the sea shipping, we have to create a UPS label, which indicates all shipping details to the buyer’s address,
thus UPS can know where send the dolls to, and know  which item to pick up when the sea shipping is completed (when the sex doll arrives in Canada)

The UPS label could be used to track the order, it is not traceable when the sea shipping is completed.

To track the when will the sea transportation be completed, please contact us directly, then we will have an estimated date from our shipping agent.

We have fast air shipping option listed which is more expensive. However, Free Sea Shipping is totally FREE with NO extra fees, thus the longer shipping time is very reasonable.

Let’s take a real-life example to explain this Free Shipping better

Let’s assume your friend Jason asks you to pick up a beautiful lady from Japan at a Canada Toronto airport.

Jason gives the lady’s photo to let you know who is the lady you will pick up.

The lady’s flight is from Tokyo to Toronto.  The flight starts from 1st Dec. and will arrive at Toronto Airport on 5th Dec.

On 3rd Dec, your friend Jason asks you “where is the Japanese lady, did you pick it up?

As the lady is still on the airplane, you definitely can’t pick it up at the airport, then you tell Jason that “no, there is no lady in the airport yet”.

But when you go to the airport again on 5th Dec, the Japanese lady will be there, as her flight trip is completed, and she is at the airport then and you can pick it up and send her to Jason.

Let’s compare this real-life example to our Free Shipping:

  • The Japanese Lady is the Sex Doll you ordered.
  • The Lady’s Photo is like the UPS label, as you will know who will be picked up, same here, UPS will know which item to be loaded to a truck and send it to you.
  • You can ONLY pick the lady up when her flight is finished, same here, you can ONLY track the UPS label when the sex doll arrives at the Canada port as at that time, UPS can pick the item up and record it into UPS system for you to track the delivery.

Please let us know if you have any further questions about this shipping approach.

What if the package is lost in the sea shipping?

We will fully refund you or send you another one if the shipping time is not an issue for you at all.

p.s. sometimes, the sea shipping will take a bit long, it doesn’t mean that the package is lost. If a package is lost, we will be informed by both sea shipping agent and UPS.