What do you say heightening your sexual experience with life-size sex dolls built for ultimate sex adventure? I’m talking pussy fashioned from virgin TPE and Silicone material through futuristic technology to mimic and to some extent surpass human pussy in all measurable standards. Real human pussy is good, but what is great is pussy that doesn’t come with unnecessary emotional baggage and ridiculous expectation as it is the case with human relationships.
If this sounds like something you may like to indulge in then I’ve got these graceful letters for you- OvDoll.com. Now OvDoll is not something you would bring up in a dinner conversation with your kids and in laws partaking a nicely prepared meal of chicken steaks and whatever else goes with chicken, least you get your sorry ass forcefully dragged to church to atone for your promiscuity! As you might have already noticed from the homepage, this is the place perverts like you seek asylum when they are so done with humanity and have decided to venture into masturbation for the rest of your lives- just kidding your balls don’t have the capacity to manufacture cum that fast, you’ll probably end up with an ugly empty scrotum within the first 48 hours!
However, the above sentence is not entirely fictional given we are in the business of designing and manufacturing realistic sex dolls second only to good old-fashioned untouched pussy. We are devoted to bringing you amazing holes in fine bodies that will give you the sexual experience of your life! Our dolls are designed with your unspoken sexual needs in mind and believe me you will be carried away by the experience. Everything is precisely thought through from the designs which are exact replicas of the female/ male/transsexual genitalia to the material that give a human-like touch that will feel like you are making love to the lady of your dreams.
We have a very talented team of professionals including world-class designers, engineers, renowned sex experts and therapists that work collectively to bring you these mesmerizing products. They are thorough in what they do which explains the tremendous success we’ve achieved throughout the years. This dedicated team of experts is responsible for our rich product portfolio comprising of all sorts of dolls we are going to look into in the coming paragraphs. Our cutting-edge products have been shipped in thousands to over 180 overseas countries even as we endeavor to expand to more territories and getting these beauties new homes. Should you be willing to “adopt” one of these babies feel free to place your order now!
It is true that we pride a sick collection of realistic sex dolls with all the desirable features you can think of. Our product category is insane; many have been stuck here unable to make a conclusive decision on the kind of doll they want to accessorize their bedrooms with. In the spirit of enhancing your user experience, we will help you make some sense out of the stack of mechanize posted on our site. For starters, you can distinguish the dolls from the material they are manufactured from. We basically use either virgin TPE or premium silicone material as aforementioned. You’ll notice the price variation for similar dolls made from either of the two materials with the silicone-made dolls priced higher. Silicone dolls are a bit pricey considering silicone has more desirable properties in terms of flexibility, texture, and the human-like touch compared to TPE. This is not to insinuate that TPE dolls are all crappy! There little downside is nothing that can’t be sorted out with some little baby powder and typical lube.
Now like mainstream porn models, we have dolls categorized by the size of their tits, ass, and dick among other features believed to enhance individuals’ sexual experience. If a big round ass in a sexy curvy body tickles your fancy then you can begin your search on the advanced search bar with the keywords “big ass” and get mesmerized by the results. You can as well, specify the kind of tits you would like your lady to come in, perhaps a combination of ass and boobies then wait to see what you will be served. We have both big titties that don’t fit two hands and others that can be completely covered in your palms- whatever gets you going chief!
When you’ve picked the right ass that goes with the kind of titties that suits your sophisticated taste, you may then want to pick the right skin complexion that goes with the accessories you just picked. A Caucasian lady with some angelic tan, ebony perhaps, or Asian- anything for you! You’ve got the right ass, incredible curves, perfect titties for your girl, now pick the hair style you like. Here’s what is in the menu; sassy blonde, slutty brunette, redhead, short hair, long hair- pick your poison!
Here’s the thing, when all the conventional dolls don’t meet your unique taste, just place an order for a custom head-to-toe doll. Engineer that perfect doll in your mind and shall bring your unique design to live at our factory and ship it to your doorstep. Better yet, you can order an elf fantasy doll to entertain you in the meantime as you wait for your custom-made doll. This could be any fictional character you wish to fuck and relive the good old folk tale days; maybe some long-eared alien-looking bitch- a Kryptonian royal with the heart of gold that has fallen madly in love with your massive wang! There’s also the pretty Japanese Manga and anime characters if you are into such kinds of kinks.
Our drop-dead gorgeous dolls are designed to deliver utmost sexual pleasure to all groups of individuals ranging from male, female, couples, gay, and transsexuals. Yup, that’s right- a terrifyingly long penis, perfectly tight butthole, and sumptuous pussy all under one roof, how about that folks! We also have sexy attires for your sex doll to spice things up a notch!

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  1. SB says:

    I have to admit that I was skeptical as I’ve never made such a large purchase online. However my entire experience was smooth and discrete, from the initial payment of my purchase to the delivery to my front door. I had lots of questions, and my sales rep Andy was there via email to answer any and all of my questions and concerns no matter how ridiculous they may have been. My only shock was the weight of the doll. Although I opened the box to see my purchase, the box has been closed back until I move within the next few months where there are no stairs to climb with him. I ordered the male “Jonathan” doll and believe me, he is so realistic looking that it’s almost scary, they did a wonderful job with crafting him. The delivery time was unbelievable. When my sales rep Andy gave me a tracking number, and said I’ll have him in 3-4 days…. I honestly didn’t believe it. However, surprisingly it arrived in the timeframe that he stated. I don’t know how they did it, but they did…. it went through clearance and everything in that short time. I am very satisfied with my purchase and will continue to order items via ovdoll.com.

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