Concerning refunds:
As ovdoll is a private custom product, we are not able to accept refunds upon receipt of goods. We strive for customer satisfaction. Prior to shipping, we conduct strict checks on the quality of the products, so every doll is in perfect condition. Our quality control ensures that there are no flaws before the products are sent to our customer. If damage occurs during transportation, we request that you please send us a picture within 24 hours after receiving the goods. We will then deal with the issue accordingly.

Regarding order cancellations:
If the order is canceled within 24 hours, we will refund the original amount in full with the only 4.4% Paypal fee. If it exceeds 24 hours, we will be required to charge a 20% restocking fee. Additional fees, such as handling fees and transaction fees, may also be required to be charged for the return of goods or refund of funds. Thus would be dependant on the payment method used.

Regarding modifying the order:
Within 24 hours after placing the order, we will provide the modification free of charge. As the product will have been sent to our logistics partners, if it is over 24 hours since the order is placed, we will not be able to modify it.

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at