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Your New Cute Girlfriend – Sex Dolls with height of 4ft 5in (135cm)

What is Silicone Sex Doll 4ft 5in (135cm)?
How nice it is to have a cute girlfriend? If you are tall, then you can easily take over your girlfriend and put her under you will you make love to her passionately. And if you are on the shorter side, wouldn’t you look cute together with your petite girlfriend? How nice would it be to have sex with a petite girl who is pretty and has a really nice body? Say no more. OVDoll, an online store for your sex toy needs sells a variety of sex dolls. Its line includes a selection of Silicone sex dolls 4ft 5in (135cm) for your petite girl needs.

What are the Features of Silicone Sex Doll 4ft 5in (135cm)?
The features of the Silicone Sex Doll 4ft 5in (135cm) is that first and foremost, she is shorter than other dolls which stand at 5ft tall but is still full sized and realistic. She is also made out of silicone which gives the impression of lifelike skin with the texture, color, softness, feel to the touch, et cetera. You can choose from a variety of looks and ethnicity and you can also customize your cute little girlfriend to your liking. You can customize her hair style and color, skin color, eye color, the cup size of her breasts which you’ll definitely enjoy sucking and fondling, for her to have pubic hair or not and the color of her pubic hair, her vagina: whether built-in or removable, and her standing feature whether standing or non-standing.

Some sex dolls even have freebies such as free random clothes for your doll, lubricant, condoms, gloves, lower body cleaner, blanket, and talcum powder. Some dolls even have special features such as response and the ability to close their eyes. These dolls also have three inserts for you to be able to have such wonderful and realistic sexual/lovemaking experience, namely: vagina, anus, and mouth. Imagine her savory lips touching yours and you slipping her your tongue in all your hunger, thirst, and lust. Imagine her wondrous breasts as they touch your body and the way you feel her skin under you as you thrust in and out, in a passionate manner or in whatever way you want to have it.

What are the Advantages of Silicone Sex Doll 4ft 5in (135cm)?
The advantages of the Silicone Sex Doll 4ft 5in (135cm) is that you get to have your own petite girlfriend whom you can have sex with and enjoy anytime that you want and anywhere that you want. She will not complain about your abilities. She will not criticize your or judge you, she would actually love you for who you are. She will also not have any issues with regards to cheating or infidelity of any sort. She will always be there for you and will do whatever you want her to do. With the aforementioned features, having your own Silicone Sex Doll 4ft 5in (135cm) would really be a great experience. You may also learn new tricks from the Silicone Sex Doll 4ft 5in (135cm) and have your practice.

With OVDoll’s selection of Silicone Sex Doll 4ft 5in (135cm) from which you could choose from, you will be able to go home to the comforts of your bedroom, greeted and welcomed by your petite and cute little girlfriend. Have a nice time together and enjoy each other’s company!