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10 Key Questions To Consider When Buying A Valentine’s Sex Doll For Your Love

Valentine’s Day is the perfect moment to enhance your sex life, and a silicone sex doll is the ultimate solution for both you and your partner. Before committing to a purchase, though, it’s important to remember that only the best love doll will do. After all, it’s not the type of product that can be returned.


Here are 10 focus points that will enable you to get the purchase right. In turn, your partner will be screaming for joy in no time.


Will He/She Like It?


Millions of people actively enjoy the benefits of a realistic silicone love doll. And those products are now accepted as normal bedroom enhancements. Nonetheless, not everyone is ready to embrace the concept.


Ultimately, you know your partner better than anyone else. Before rushing into the purchase, be realistic with yourself. If your partner is a little timid on a sexual front, it may be better to ease your way towards this type of product. In most cases, though, the sex doll is a winning solution.


Will I Be Ok With It?


On a similar note, you need to think about your reaction to your partner’s use of the sex doll. If you’ll be using it together, it’s important to consider your sexual needs as well as theirs. Otherwise, it could pull you apart.


Meanwhile, you need to think about whether you’ll be emotionally OK with your partner using the doll. Most will find that this activity is easier to accept than the thought of a partner masturbating over thoughts of colleagues, porn stars, or exes. Still, it is something that needs to be considered.


Generic Or Custom Design?


The technology used for sex dolls has progressed massively in recent times. There are an array of options ranging across various features, many of which we’ll cover later. However, the first decision is whether to buy “off the shelf” or get a customized doll

A customized doll will usually cost more. Meanwhile, there are no guarantees that your vision will look right in reality. Then again, a greater sense of control is sure to work in your favor. If buying as a gift, though, it’s probably best to go for a standard option. Nonetheless, you’ll want to make choices that give your lover the best experience.


Built-In Or Insert Vagina?


Every aspect of the sex doll’s appearance is important, but the vagina is the most crucial. This is what will provide the most stimulating experience. As suggested by the question, they come in two main options. The decision made here can influence function and maintenance.


Both types are soft and offer a realistic feeling. Nonetheless, making the right choice between the two is vital. This is a personal choice and may be influenced by a host of aspects, such as storage. If you’re unsure, this is one area where speaking to an expert is key.


Which Other Design Feature Should I Prioritize?


Modern sex dolls are far more advanced than previous types. It’s no longer just about having a replica vagina. In truth, the best dolls are those that look closest to the man’s ideal sexual fantasy. If you are woman buying for your partner, it can be quite exciting to emulate your look. Although a little variety can spice up his sex life too without encouraging cheating.


The hair colour, pubic hair style, height and eye color are all important features. Whether it’s a customized design or a standard one doesn’t matter, getting these right should be top of the agenda.


Will The Product Do What He Wants?


If you’ve ever seen or used an outdated doll, you’ll know that it’s very limited. Silicone sex dolls are the complete opposite, however, and are extremely flexible. This will give him the opportunity to try any position that he desires, which is great news for you if you’re not bendy.


Of course, there are limitations for a sex doll, and your man isn’t going to get emotionally attached to it in the same way as he does with you. That’s probably a positive, though. Still, on a purely physical note, he’ll be destined to have plenty of fun.


How Do I Place An Order?


There are plenty of options available, and the range extends beyond silicone love dolls. Whether you choose a silicone model or another type, the ordering process is pretty straightforward. The first job is to create your ideal doll, and then add it to your basket. Alternatively, if it’s not a surprise, let the recipient build his perfect model and add to the wish list.


Registration is quick and easy while the payment gateway utilizes the best encryption to keep your data protected. The whole process can be completed in a few minutes while both the payment and delivery are discreet.


How Long Will It Take To Arrive?


While we can only speak on behalf of our own service, it’s safe to say that order fulfillment is quicker than you’d imagine. Processing is very quick, and our team sets about getting to work on the product ASAP.


It’s a little late to guarantee Valentine’s delivery, although a little waiting can heighten the excitement. Location can impact delivery times. However, most standard dolls are delivered within 10 days. Naturally, the customized options take a little longer but should be with you within three weeks.


Will It Last?


Aside from being flexible, modern silicone dolls are very durable. They do require a little cleaning between uses, but you and your partner would naturally do this anyway. Meanwhile, you’ll need to store it in a good place, which may vary depending on the size of the model.


Still, your man can go crazy with his wildest fantasies without fear of causing major damage to the doll. For this reason alone, it’s arguably the most valuable sex toy on the market. After all, we’ve all wasted money on flimsy toys that break during the first experience. For safety as well as value, this is a good option.


Is Valentine’s Day A Suitable Time?


For buying a product that will enhance your sex lives? Definitely.

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