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There are other things you can use a sex doll for, apart from having sex with it.

You could tell what the dolls are made for, just by the sound of their name – sex doll. The dolls have been beautifully and seductively crafted to mimic the form of a woman, to satisfy the sexual desires of either male or female, when an actual person is beyond reach.
Over the years, sex dolls have become a thing, and they have become widespread, and near moral acceptance all over the world. Sex dolls are sex toys that imitate the shape and size of a sexual partner, that helps mainly in masturbation. The sex dolls can be made of various parts of the body, which could include just the head, pelvis or contain the entire body, stimulating the human user sexually. The doll works mainly by sometimes going into vibration mode, and parts may be removable or interchangeable. Sex dolls are great, but for more complex interactions, we also have the sex robot.

With the use of a sex doll, you don’t have to be scared, you can cum inside of it, and don’t have to be scared that the partner could miss her period and place a call through to you, that she is pregnant. All your sexual fantasies could come true when you have the right sex doll beside you. And just so you know, the best sex dolls out there are those made of silicon, as they make the doll feel more like a human, giving you the best experience you could ever have.

And great! You can use sex dolls for purposes other than sex. This might sound weird, as what you would expect of a sex doll, is sex. Costumers have creative ways of using sex dolls, and reading through this could be an eye opener for you.

ADULT SEX EDUCATION: Truth be told, a teacher is limited in what he can teach, so, you are not taught 100% by the teacher. When it comes to sex related matters; having fun and making a partner happy, many people are just a ‘no no’, total failures and full of errors. The bets luck to have in this case is for someone to show you the way.
There are some folks that are just not lucky. One of such examples is a person who reaches adulthood, and just then he realized that he had never seen a member of the opposite sex naked. This could be tragic. It might not have been the person’s fault, as some were exposed to strict and stern upbringing, or must have been the very shy one. This would cause such a person to be devoid of any sexual experience, and this can be a really big issue for them when they get married or start dating.

One solution for this is sex education, and for this, the use of silicon made sex dolls could come in handy. The dolls have been toned to various forms and shapes, and different parts are on sale, which can be used for education. Sex therapists can use these dolls and their various parts to pass instructions. Also, couples are at liberty to practice with a sex doll, before their real game.

OVdolls is proud to sell these types of product, that helps others gain their confidence, just like we have ours.

BEAUTIFUL ART PROJECTS: Crazy artists with crazy ideas have used sex dolls for their project quite a number of times. Speaking in this context, you would remember that a while back, James Franco had actually created an orgy, with the use of a sex doll, which he had used to tell the story of how things went behind the scenes moments of Rebel Without a cause.

Also, June Korea [1] takes special use of the dolls, as they are the main content of his photography exploration of the human emotions. And, no kidding, the pictures are quite amazing.
In support of creative artists and photographers that need sex dolls for their projects, we offer the best sale price of quality sex dolls, made of silicon, giving the art project the human feel and energy it needs, despite the absence of an actual human being.

There are other crazy ideas about the usage of a sex doll, ones that you would be like “Really?!” enjoy
– PERSONAL PROTECTION: Do you travel alone, and you have the fear of being harassed? Then you should consider having a sex doll sit beside you in a plane. Though, this is not guaranteed by us, but some say you should try it out.
– GAG GIFTS: Are you being the best man to a dope groom, and you need to play an adult prank, you could consider using a sex doll.
– TOILET PAPER HOLDER: You can actually use the suction-cup dildo as a toilet paper by just pressing it against the wall, and it stands.
– HANGERS: You know about nipple clamps, right, you can actually hang pictures and keep memories around the house with the use of these clamps.
– HEAD REST: When traveling, you could go along with a fake V, and just rest against it, to the chair.

There are so many other uses you can find for sex dolls; it all depends on how creative you are. This post is not rigid, content could be added, and you could help with that by sharing other uses your creative self knows about, right in the comment section. Have fun!


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/June_Korea


  1. savoie40 says:

    Toilet paper holder lmao…just imagine when company use the bathroom and found a sex doll holding the toilet paper! They might just be a little longer than expected lmao.

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