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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying the Best Real Silicone Sex Dolls

Before you purchase real silicone sex dolls of adult size, you must know a few tips that you need to pay attention to, so that when you finally bring home that doll, it gives you the pleasure that you desire.

These three tips will help you in deciding which doll is best suited to your needs and of course, your budget. While a real silicone sex dolls is no substitute for real human companionship and intimacy, it can still fulfill your needs for when you need to try something less vanilla than ordinary masturbation.

real silicone sex dolls

  1. Always buy a doll that is made of high-quality materials

Dolls come in different makes – you have dolls made of rubber, some are made of vinyl while others are made of silicone. Silicone dolls are the most preferred ones because they give you the real skin feel. Not only are they more realistic, but they are also much easier to clean and maintain. Also, they are hypoallergenic, which means that the risk of skin irritation or rashes is low.

  1. Care and support

Buying real silicone sex dolls is an investment as the higher quality dolls are going to be more expensive. Also, depending on your needs, you may want to purchase an entire adult sized doll or just a particular body part, like the lower torso. What you must remember when buying real silicone sex dolls is that it requires storage and constant upkeep. You will need to clean and also powder it regularly to ensure that your precious doll stays in a good state for a long while.

  1. Use a water-based lubricant

Oil-based lubricants do not generally gel well with dolls made of silicone. There is a chance if the doll’s skin wearing off after prolonged use with an oil-based lubricant. When you invest in real silicone sex dolls, you must make sure that you use a water-based lubricant instead to maintain the life of the doll.

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