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How Can You Ensure You have Maximum Pleasure With Your Silicone Sex Doll

After you have bought that silicone sex doll and it has been delivered to your doorstep, what is next? You will of course be able to have erotic fun with it but where do you start? How can you ensure that you have as much pleasure as possible?

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Clean her

This is very important for your health. Thoroughly cleanse all the orifices using warm water and mild antibacterial soap. This will keep them clean and keep any bacteria from growing in the canals. Occasionally clean the whole body using a damp piece of cloth but do not submerge the doll in water. To regain the skin’s smooth and soft feeling after a wash apply a little corn starch on the surface. For more details on how to keep your woman clean be sure to read the owner’s manual that is delivered with her.

Warm her up before sex

Inserting your manhood into a cold vagina is definitely not fun. The solution to this is very simple. You can use a heated blanket to warm the silicone sex doll up. Just wrap her in it for about 30 minutes before the erotic act. If the doll has removable orifices you can also warm them by placing them in warm water. This will act like a sort of foreplay. Just imagining what will happen after the doll is all warmed up will surely turn you on even more.

Use a water based lubricant

The silicone sex dolls are realistic but they are still not alive. Therefore their orifices have no discharge that would lubricate them. You are required to use a lubricant to make the penetration easier and more enjoyable. The only recommended lubricant is water-based. Silicone and oil based lubricants will only react with the skin causing it to peel off.

You are now ready to insert your penis, pump, grind and do whatever else you want with your sex doll. Have fun!

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