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Chelsea Shane original sex doll that will make your sex life wonderful!

Chelsea Shane is a real life size Japanese sex Doll made up of 100% recommended health silicon. It is suitable for any excess amount of pleasure that the man can have. It is not just a doll like the name suggests but close to a real woman that the man would like to have.


Chelsea Shane is the best Japanese sex Doll for making love, with her legs on her lower body that opens her self-up depending on the pleasure of a Man. Her skin also feels like that one of a real woman with a softy touch that soothes the feeling of her sex partner. She can handle any size that is given to her. You can lay this doll on her back or allow her to straddle you and fuck you into absolute bliss. Chelsea Shane is very flexible allowing you to take her in any position that you would like her to stay. If you like to give her a good reaming from her behind, you can make her stand on her fours as well as if you want her against the walls you can position her to lean against the walls and ram her upward.

You can get her wet with your favorite water-based lubricant and slide your manhood deep inside her body and starts stroking her silicon walls until you release your sperms inside her body. She will react just like an ordinary woman especially when a man plays with her large and ample breast during intercourse. Chelsea Shane loves all kinds of sex and cannot get enough of it. She was made in such a way that your orgasm cannot differentiate between her and a real woman. Once you are through with her you can position her in a sitting position on a chair of on your bed waiting for you to recover again and give her a sweet loving night love.

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