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How do you feel about getting it on with a life

Premium Life Size Sex-Dolls For Half The Price

How do you feel about getting it on with a life-size sex doll that utters some pleasant praises when fucked good! Fortunately this does not have to be a pointless fantasy as OVDoll can make it happen. All you need to do is order yourself a state-of-art sex doll from the company’s website and have it delivered to your door-step anywhere in the word.

Free Delivery for Orders above $200

The company makes free deliveries for orders in the upwards of $200. As of this writing, thousands of dolls have been delivered to over 180 countries in the world during the company’s 8 years of existence. The constant interaction with customers has made it possible for OVDoll to augment its offerings ensuring customers are treated to industry-level inventories.

Forget the half-baked dolls with lousy features littering the web. I’m talking toys manufactured from premium thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and silicone. These materials provide for maximum elasticity making the toys hard to break, not to mention maximum sexual pleasure. Dolls manufactured from the two materials have varied elasticity. While those made from silicone stretches 3 to 5 times, TPE-manufactured dolls carry the day with an elasticity of up to 8 times. This explains why silicone toys are more rigid compared to TPE dolls. The difference reflects in their pricing as well.

The Sex is as real as it gets people!

OVDoll sex dolls are designed to deliver the closest experience there is to having sex with a real woman. The doll’s sizes, texture, physique and body temperature mimic that of a real person. A quick scan through the various dolls cataloged on the company’s site reveals the company’s commitment to meet the various customer needs.

The dolls come in varied sizes as it is the case with humans. If a life-size doll ain’t your thing you can pick a medium size one and still enjoy the experience. Don’t worry about the boobs, butthole and pussy- these features are standard for all dolls unless you are ordering a customized piece.

Customized products

Yeap, you read that right! OVDoll can actually build you a personalized doll with customized parts like no other ever designed. This can be anything from a celebrity crush to a fictional character. So if you have a thing for Kim Kardasian 2.0 as you may decide to name your accessory, place your order and await OVDoll’s call informing you that your merchandize is ready for shipping.

The reality with sex dolls is that you can order as many as your stamina can hold. Think of it this way, Kardasian 2.0 for breakfast, Wonder Woman for lunch and Jennifer Lawrence 2.0 for dinner. Remember that girl that got away and swore that you’ll never fuck her? I think it’s time to get her laid each day without her consent. Your boss as well, she might be roaring at work like a hungry lioness but back at your apartment she’s your bitch, and a submissive one for that matter!

With sex dolls, your sexual experience is limited by your imaginations. You decide how far you can go for the day, the following day break these fucking milestones like a pro. OVDoll regularly updates its product lines thanks to the company’s dedicated research team including skilled artists, designers, and engineers. This team of professionals ensures that users stay up to-date with the latest trends in the industry.

Captivating features

You can hardly miss a toy that meets your preference on OVDoll’s platform. As demand dictates, the dolls come in different-size boobs from small, medium, and gigantic for you who love them big. I’m sure you’d like to ride on a tasty pussy that hugs your enraged wang tight giving it the perfect amount of friction. You can always choose between shaved and bushy tunnels and other variables like the doll’s ass, color, curves and wig.

A fat ass and incredibly big melons made from TPE materials shake in a fascinating rhythm during intercourse. You’ll be enchanted by the doll’s texture that mimic’s human skin giving you the best sexual experience possible. Other sophisticated provisions include high-tech motion sensors that enable the doll to moan in ecstasy during sex. The sound system technology responds to impact and can be triggered by gentle caressing, sensual fingering, hardcore sex among others. You can also customize the doll’s voice box and make it praise you in the voice of your choice. There’s nothing thrilling like a teenager’s voice asking you to go deep and later confirming that you’ve hit the right sport.

Other customizable accessories include the doll’s cloths which depending on your preference you can choose dress it appropriately. When you leave for work in the morning you can place it at a strategic corner on the bed clad in an inviting laced bra exposing a handful of cleavage with her hair freed over its shoulders. She can have her panties on or not- I’m not a gynecologist but I think vaginal hygiene dictates that the pussy breaths as much fresh air as possible- kindly don’t quote me on this I’m just trying to help!

Aside from the doll’s cloths, you can also customize her wig. The doll’s hair come in a variety of colors and the good news is that you can change the wig at will. If you wake up with the hots for a blonde, redhead, brunette or whichever hair color you can always change them accordingly.  The dolls are easy to clean and quite hard to break giving you the value for your money.

OVDoll’s products are heavily discounted that you may have a blissful masturbation at pocket friendly prices. Prices have been slashed by more than half for almost each product including the new entries that were listed recently. To further enhance customer experience, OVDoll offers a warranty for all its products. The company sends you pictures of the products before shipping so that you don’t end up with the wrong shipment. Upon verification that you’re being shipped the right product, you’ll be issued with a tracking number just so you can track the movement of your product. Winter is here fellows; get yourself a premium sex doll to stomach the unforgiving times ahead!

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