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How to clean a real sex doll

How to clean a real sex doll after use is an easy process and can be completed in a few minutes if you’ve got the right tools.This tools are easy to use and are inexpensive.

An enema bulb or vaginal irrigator is one of the tools used for cleaning your doll after use. It is filled with soapy water required in the process of cleaning the vagina of your doll. Cleaning your doll after using it is essential, and should be performed using cold water and then sanitizing the doll with warm soapy water. A water bottle that has a squirting mouth can be used as an alternative to a vaginal irrigator.

To increase the cleaning efficiency, you should acquire a Luffa on a stick. This tool enables you to scrub the inside of your doll’s vagina gently. Scrubbing cleans your doll of any residue left during use.

Another tool to consider in the cleaning of your sex dolls is a hand-held shower head which enables you to shower with your doll.It allows the owner to direct the stream of water to help clean their sex dolls after use. It is essential to keep your doll clean, and this should be done regularly after each use.

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