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Make time of the month abstinence a thing of the past with a real love sex doll

Do not feel bad about staying home on a Friday night. In fact, cancel all your plans, burn the diaries, divert all calls to answerphone and prepare to never leave the house again because the woman of your dreams is on her way. She won’t stray, she won’t argue with you, she doesn’t require expensive dinners and sparkly jewellery to be enticed into your bed, and best of all, she’s yours to play with every single day of the year.

If you think she sounds too good to be true, then you are wrong. Real love sex dolls give you all the fun of a girlfriend but without the added stress and drama. Technology has evolved so much over the years that you may actually need to keep reminding yourself every so often that your new playmate isn’t real.

Unlike a real girlfriend, you can make your sex doll look exactly how you want; from top to bottom, the personalisation is yours to decide. A brunette with green eyes, a big chest and a spankable posterior! She’s yours! Girl next door or porn star! It’s completely up to you! In fact, the more you spend, the more life-like (and dream-like) your new lady will be. Some sex dolls even come with one body type and interchangeable faces; imagine the possibilities!

Sex dolls are no longer reserved for teen virgins and awkward social recluses either; they can even be added to an existing real life relationship (that’s with a girlfriend with her very own pulse and everything) to add some much needed spice between the sheets. Perfect for playing out that threesome fantasy without the fear commonly associated with them. Best of all, you aren’t limited to one real love sex doll, if you catch our drift; Hugh Hefner, eat your heart out!

Tempted? Make your own dream woman today, and soon she’ll come a-knocking and change your life forever.


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