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Positions To Try With Your Sex Doll That Will Leave You Breathless

Sex dolls have increased in popularity over the last few years. There are brothels specifically designed for guests to have sex with realistic dolls that look and feel like the real thing. Since the surge of global stay-at-home orders, there has been a surge in sex doll sales from all kinds of people including single men, couples, and people with disabilities. Some companies have seen a 51.6 percent increase in orders from single men and a 33.2 percent year-on-year growth in orders placed by couples.

Sex dolls can be robots that are realistic and have sophisticated movements and sexual organs and sexy “areas” that can are closely mimic that of a human. They may have built-in heaters that create a feeling of body warmth. By just downloading an app onto your smartphone or tablet, you can program your sex doll to do whatever you like.

They come in a variety of genders, sizes, appearances, and personalities. Sex with a doll can be a good option for couples that want to explore, but do not want to cheat. It is also something very kinky that could liven up your sex life. If you have a sex doll and are looking for something different to try, here are some positions to try that are sure to leave you breathless.

Bent Over

This is very simple and easy to do and is very sexy. It allows you to penetrate your doll in the vagina or anus. Position your doll to stand in front of you. Make sure you are holding the doll from behind and stand close to a surface like a bed, table or chair. Bend your doll over the surface of the bed or chair while standing behind your doll. It is important to make sure your doll is touching the surface and bent at the waist. Avoid abrasive objects to bend your doll over as it can cause harm to the doll’s skin.

Scissor Missionary

If you are tired of the typical missionary position, try the scissor missionary style. This position puts a spin on something normally done. Put one leg of your sex doll on your shoulder while holding the opposing leg toward the ground or the bed. This ensures a pleasurable experience as it allows you to get in deeper, giving you a much stronger orgasm.


If you want to penetrate your doll in an intimate position, spooning is one of the best positions. You can do this position in a few ways. Position your doll on its side on your bed or floor. Bend your doll’s arms in front and you can either bend her legs at a 45-degree angle so that she is balanced or you can raise her upper leg. This allows you to penetrate your doll from behind while you both are laying down. Some dolls can be really heavy, so this is a great option if you do not want the hassle of moving them around.

Against The Wall

Sex against the wall is a very sexy option and it is not as difficult to do than you may think. You can do this in kinky places like the shower or on a balcony. Position your doll in a standing position against the wall. It may be easier to do it in a corner to make sure she does not slip and slide everywhere. Once you have her positioned the way you want, place her arms flat against the wall so she can balance. You can lift her legs up to allow for easy penetration in her vagina or anus. This may be slightly difficult to do if there is a major height difference.

Doggy Style

This tried and true position will surely guarantee an amazing orgasm. All you have to do is kneel your doll on the bed or the floor, making sure she is facing downwards. Raise her arms slightly above her head to balance her while in this position. Open the doll’s legs from the back and go to town. It is very important that you are cautious about penetrating her viciously unless you have something to protect her knees. The friction can cause tears in her skin. Once you are done, it is important to note that you have to straightener her legs back into a neutral position, otherwise it can cause long-term damage to your doll.


This is a very sweet, intimate position that will allow you to penetrate your doll while facing her. Sit down facing your doll and wrap her legs around your body while you wrap your legs around your doll’s. Make sure her legs are kept tucked inside yours as you slide her butt forward until you are able to penetrate. This is good for a slow-building to climax.


This position has withstood the test of time and it is a classic. It is super easy to maneuver with your doll. Just position her on the bed or floor lying up. Open your doll’s legs and bend them at a 45-degree angle or you can put them on your shoulders. This position allows for easy penetration and gives you the option to do all sorts of kinky stuff with your doll’s face or body.


This one is really fun and it allows you to lay on your back the whole time. Lie on your back on the floor or bed. Position your doll to squat on top of you, or you can position her to sit on you in the reverse cowgirl position. This position allows you to either penetrate her or you can let your doll ride you. It can be a little challenging to place your doll in this position, but the pay off is worth it.

These positions are typically great for working with a female sex doll and they are super easy to try. If you have a male sex doll, we did not leave you out. Here are some positions to try on your male sex doll that will guarantee maximum pleasure.


This is like scissoring, but a little more than that. Lay your doll down on his side and raise his right or left arm straight to the ceiling. Whatever side you want your doll turned will determine which arm to raise. Bend your doll’s legs from the hips and knees to a 45-degree angle. Once you have your doll placed in this position, tip him to the side and spread his legs apart. Now you can easily slip into the position.

Lotus Flower 

Put your doll in a sitting position, making sure he is sitting upright at a 90-degree angle. Spread his legs, crossing them over each other. Position your doll’s hands straight to the sides and back, or you can place your doll against a wall or side of the bed, to ensure stability and balance in this position. From there, you can slip into the position with ease and place your legs on your doll’s shoulders.


Your doll should start from a standing position for this one. Make him sit on something like a chair and move him forward and bend his knees so that his knees are on the floor, but his torso still up straight. Once you have your doll in this form, you can tailor it to your specific preferences. You can either have him resting against a wall, the side of the bed or have him bent forward while resting on one of his hands. Now it is time for you to get into position. To do this it is best for you to start in the doggy style position then lower yourself on your belly. From there you can wrap your legs around your male doll and have him slip inside.


Have your doll stay on the bed or floor with his legs outstretched and slightly apart and bent at the knees. Position both of his arms backward for added support. Sit down facing your doll and mimic your doll’s position, throwing your legs on your doll’s hips. This is a great position that will give a different angle to penetration and it will feel amazing.


This one is similar to the concubine, but a little less challenging. To make it easy on yourself, make sure your doll is lying down, and instead of lifting from the doll’s shoulders, lift his legs one at a time so they are reaching straight up to the ceiling. While pushing down on his legs, lift the doll from his back. For added support, extend his arm backward to help balance. For you, get into reverse cowgirl, but bring your legs backward while supporting yourself in your hands.


This is a great position for anal sex and shallow penetration, and some women claim it touches their G-spot. Once you have your doll in a sitting position on the floor or bed, spread his legs apart and bend his knees slightly. That is all there is to it! Position yourself so that your legs are bent and your chest press on them. If you need added support, use your hands.

Vulgar Chair

If you are looking for a cowgirl-like position, this might be an amazing option for you. Women claim to hit their p-spot in this position. Lay your doll on his back then flex his legs from the hips as far as it can go. Once you do both of these things bend his knees forward. Now all that is left is to mount on top of him and you will soon find out why this position is called the vulgar chair. It is important to note that your doll’s legs need to be slightly opened so his penis is not trapped between the legs.

Bent Cowgirl

This is another easy and unique option if you love cowgirl. Your male doll needs to be positioned on the bed or floor sitting upwards, though you can also do this position with him lying on his back. If you prefer he sit up, he should be sitting up as if in a chair but leaned back enough so that you have room to partially lay on top. For you, you should start in a regular cowgirl position. Support yourself in your hands and extend your legs backward. Voila! Bent Cowgirl! Your doll’s penis will move into a more natural position, enabling you to rock back and forth using your knees and arm movement. This is a guaranteed orgasm.

Nice Talk

Have your doll sitting in an armchair and move him so he is sitting sideways in the armchair. Put his legs up the armrest and make him lean on his back in the chair. Sit on top of your doll like you would sit in his lap, mounting yourself onto him for smooth penetration.


This position requires a prop. Maybe an ottoman or an exercise ball to be exact. The easiest way is with an ottoman. Your doll should be in a standing position to start. Position him to sit on the ottoman and lay him down straight. For added support, extend his arms down. If you decide to do this position on an exercise ball, just position your doll fully before adding the ball. This option is better if he is laying down to start. Lift his legs up at a 90-degree angle. Move the doll to the side and extend his arms straight back. Bend his knees and move in front of him. Lift up the doll and make him get into the position then place the exercise ball under his back. It is a tad bit complicated, but it could be something fun and exciting, which could increase the feeling of your orgasm.

All these positions are sure to take your breath away. Whether you are at home enjoying your own company or the mood just strikes, these positions with your love doll will leave you gasping for air.

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