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Silicone Sex Dolls – the Perfect Bedroom Company

Common questions among those who find interest in sex dolls include “Does it feel like the real thing?”, “What materials are they made of?” and “Won’t I be getting any allergic reactions from this?” People often hear about different types of sex dolls and often get confused about which kind of toys are the best.
Sex dolls differ regarding texture, softness and appearance depending on what materials they are made of. Two of the most famous is the TPE and Silicone sex dolls.
TPE dolls are made from thermoplastic rubber. These types of toys are relatively cheaper, have smooth textures and are known to be softer. Although this may sound good enough, TPE dolls are famous for the retention of stains and difficulty of sterilisation.
Silicone sex dolls, like TPE dolls, are also smooth, hypo-allergenic and odourless. Silicone is known for its durability, easy to clean characteristics and that it is easier for manufacturers to achieve a more life-like image of the human being it is trying to imitate. This material has been used for centuries, from kitchen wares to sex toys and even for human aesthetic modification.
Since silicone has a high resistance to heat, having a heating system incorporated within dolls is possible. This would guarantee a more convincing feeling that you are sharing an intimate moment with a warm-blooded human. The firmness and durability of this material also assure realistic parts of the body including those “down under” and other modified body parts.
Although silicone dolls tend to be more expensive than other toys made of diverse materials, it has proven to offer more of the realistic, intimate moments people have been searching for. I mean, what else could you be looking for? A silicone sex doll has the looks, the body, the warmth and tenderness and guaranteed safety and security, ideal for a bedroom company who would not leave you no matter what. Trust me on that.

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  1. Jason says:

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