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WOW SALE! Didn’t you notice it? Hidden discount on products page

OVDOLL was established for almost 2 years, we are keeping developing our products’ quality & service quality, many of our dolls are up to 50-60% of discount. But many customers still don’t notice a hidden discount on OVDOLL.

You will notice this sentence on our products’ page, just on the left side of the dolls’ pictures.
Enter code ‘OVDOLL’ at checkout, extra $100 OFF
That means, on the basis of getting 50-60% discount, the price can be 100 USD less. After adding the target product in the cart and click CHECKOUT, you will find Coupon Code under the doll list, enter ‘OVDOLL’, then you get it. Simple operation.

The final price on the target page is the only price that you need to pay, shipping fee included.

hidden discount

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