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2018 Sex Doll Buyer’s Guide – Find the Best Sex Doll for You

Sex dolls are quickly being embraced by society. What was once seen as a taboo is now viewed a kinky purchase, cool product or a fun toy for couples. It’s not hard to understand why this has happened. One of the main reasons for the rise in the interest in sex dolls is the sheer realism of the products. We’re not talking about blow up monstrosities here with deformed mouths and weird eyes. Today, a sex doll can look and, perhaps more importantly, feel real. It could be an interesting way for a couple to explore the idea of a three sum or an option for a man who hasn’t been able to find the right partner.


The sex doll industry used to be an unknown part of the web. Today, there have been various films and videos that have pulled back the veil of the sex doll world. It has lead to many men, women and couples to question whether a sex doll could be the right choice for them. Once deciding to purchase a sex doll, you then need to consider the type, the size and even the look of the sex doll.


Here’s How To Find The Right Sex Doll For You.


Consider Size


Sex dolls do come in all different shapes and sizes. For instance, you can get a full life-sized sex doll that will be the same size as the typical human. This is ideal for someone who is looking for the most realistic sexual experience possible. You will discover that everything about these dolls has been scaled beautifully and looks incredible. More than that, in the moment the sexual experience can feel very real indeed.


The issue with lifesize sex dolls is that they aren’t very discreet. You might have difficulty finding a good place to store and hide your doll away. If you want something more compact, there are options. You can get sex dolls that are about half the size of a lifesize model. Apart from the height, these can still be realistic with large breasts that may even feel natural. Or, alternatively, you can get a sex doll torso. In this case, the torso still has features that feel realistic, but there’s no limbs or even in some cases a head. As such, the sex doll torso is far easier to hide and put away when it is not in use.


Since we’re talking about size, it is worth mentioning that sex dolls can be purchased with features that are a range of different sizes. For instance, you might prefer the look of a flat chested doll. If that’s the case, then you will be able to find one that has this aesthetic. Or, alternatively, some men prefer sex dolls with massive, often unnaturally large chests. That’s another possibility, and you shouldn’t be afraid to look for exactly what you want. All the features and different parts of the doll can be changed to be the right size for you. If you want a thick doll, these are available on the market, but you can also opt for one with more slender features.


Custom Designed Or Ready For Order?


It’s worth pointing out that while there are sex dolls available ready for order, you can also get one completely custom made. If you have been thinking about purchasing a sex doll for quite some time, you might already have  a specific idea of what you are searching for. Eye colour, hair colour, body shape and size could all already be clear in your mind. If so, a custom design could be the best option for you. That way, you’ll be able to get exactly what you want down to the smallest detail.


It’s also worth considering if you want your sex doll to resemble somebody. For instance, a lot of men desire a doll that looks like a famous celebrity. While the doll won’t be an exact replica a customised product can have many of the same characteristics as a celebrity. Celebrity lookalike sex dolls are very popular and another reason why these products have become so popular in 2018. With a sex doll like this, you can feel what it’s like to be with your favourite Hollywood star.


If you don’t have an idea in mind for your sex doll, you may want to purchase one that is ready for order. There are such a wide variety already on the market that unless you have a specific idea, it’s not necessary to order one to be custom built for you.


Find A Doll To Match Your Price Range


It’s fair to say that if you have the money, you can purchase a sex doll that feels like the real deal. With the lights off or your eyes closed, it’s virtually impossible to tell that the difference between this and a real woman. Indeed, today, sex dolls can even move, vibrate realistically and be built from the material the feels authentic, often utilising actual human hair. As you might have guessed the sex dolls like this are often expensive with top end dolls reach upwards of £4000. For a custom high-end doll, you could be looking at paying a lot more than that. There is an advantage here of course. You’ll be in complete control and be able to get exactly what you want. With realistic vaginal, oral and anal cavities, you might prefer the doll to the real deal.


You can also get a doll that is more affordable, and these dolls can still feel very realistic. The also still come in a wide range of different colours and styles too. You will be looking at paying up to £2000 for a mid-range doll. Still able to provide hours of stimulation, this could be the perfect kinky treat.


Alternatively, there are budget-friendly sex dolls that can be purchased under £100. The doll are far smaller in size and due to this are often not favoured as it removed the realism factor completely. That said, thanks to progress in technology they can still feel amazing and while they won’t be quite as great as high-end models, they could still fulfill all your fantasies and desires.


Follow this guide and you should be able to find the best sex doll for you.

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