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How to buy the best silicone sex dolls online

Follow these tips to buy the best silicone sex dolls online.

  1. High-quality.silicone sex doll come in a variety of prices. Entry-level dolls start at US$500. High end dolls can cost ten times that. Ovdoll.com provides a thorough list of dolls available at each price point.
  2. Customization. A silicone sex doll is the ultimate sex toy. You can pick everything from hair color and breast size to how many orifices she has. Sites like ovdoll.com let you create custom dolls to your specifications.
  3. Do your research.The internet is full of scammers so do research to find a safe and experienced seller. Sites like dollforum.com provide product and vendor reviews.
  4. Maintenance.Finally, understand how to care for your doll. Silicone sex dolls are easy to clean with soap and water and should be stored in a dark, dry place. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to care for your doll.

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