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The Most Beautiful Girl from OVDOLL

6 different sizes of OVDOLL, different colors of skin and face, but one thing in common… They are all beautiful. No matter what race, religion or background… beauty has no boundaries. It’s spread all over the world, throughout the continents, across the borders, from north to south, from east to west. Everyone will have its favorite, but we’ll all have a different one.

Explore the beautiful, sensuous curves of our realistic sex doll Evolution, a reimagining of our very popular series. The contours of her lifelike, supple body can satisfy your deepest desires and make you fall passionately in love.

Weighing at 68 lbs, our realistic sex doll is easy to maneuver in the bedroom. Her legs open to wide 150 degrees; wide enough to delve into your favorite sex positions and lose yourself in her sensuality.

Like all our creations, the new doll takes advantage of our exclusive Soft Skin technology, where she’s soft in all of the right places and gives you something to hold on to during intimate moments.

Come and get your dolls in OVDOLL.

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