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Latest OvDoll Luxury Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have been around for quite some time now with the earliest historical documentation naming Dutch sailors as the earliest owners of the first masturbatory dolls made from sewn clothes and old rags.  The dolls would keep the sailors company and gratify their sexual needs during the long voyages until they came home to their partners thus the cheesy moniker “Dutch Wives” used to refer to sex dolls today. Later in the 16th century, a story is told of a French philosopher who boarded a ship to Sweden in the company of a human like doll that ended up freaking sailors who eventually threw it overboard.

Love dolls have since advanced in design and other complimentary attributes from the days of sewn cloths. Now lifelike sex dolls are being manufactured from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and silicone. In fact manufacturers are already experimenting with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and soon you’ll be ordering dolls that can strike a meaningful conversation in the bedroom. Forget the days when ignorant sailors would drown Rene Descartes’ sex doll leaving him sexually deprived for the remaining part of the voyage to Sweden. Today society is more open about sex and sexuality and there’s totally no shame owning a cute luxury sex doll for occasional sexcapades.

Owing to the global economy’s inflationary spiral, romantic partners are having hard time being emotionally available for each other. This however, does not mean that their sex drive subsides too and so they will need to occasionally release the sexual tension. It is for this reason that sex dolls come in handy. The growing demand for sex doll puts pressure on manufacturers to continually innovate and come up with products that cater for users’ vast tastes. Our production team comprising of world class sculptors, engineers, makeup artists, and renowned sex experts is always working on something better and fulfilling customized orders for our particularly specific clients.

Among the new arrivals this season include;

  1. Pang– Tank Skin M Cup Huge Ass Adult Love Dolls

This new baby is 4 feet tall with an artificially tanned complexion. She’s a real life size doll with all the body parts including limbs. She comes with a complimentary huge ass, massive breasts, killer curves, and built-in standard length vagina and butt hole. There’s one made with TPE and another with silicone depending with the kind of luxury you are going with. For the short time she’s been around she’s already made it to the Best seller category which speaks volumes about the lengths she can go to get you gratified.

  1. Vivi– New Design Heating Function Curly Hair Realistic Sex Dolls

Standing 5 feet 4, Vivi is exactly the submissive sexual partner you’ve been yearning for. This beauty comes with an advanced heating functionality that ensures her body is warmed to optimal temperature that you may never make love to a freezing toy. Vivi is sassy and pretty. Her blonde curly hair speaks lust and her eyes look like they are inviting you for one hell of a romping session.

She has the best breasts you can wish to caress and fondle while drilling your way to the bottom of her tight pussy. Her ass is exceptional; not massively exaggerated but big enough for men to pause a meaningful discussion and escort her with their eyes. Her body is pierced so you can tell that she is naughty and won’t relent accompanying you to the darkest corners of your mind where you store all the wild sexual fantasies. Her nipples are a little pronounced you can suck them for as long as you want and manage to maintain a strong erection throughout. She is suitable for an individual owner or loving partners looking to add a third for an epic ménage à trois.

  1. Matee–  Flat Chest Metal Skeleton Adult Sex Dolls

Matee is a special gift to individuals craving innocently looking girls that can rock ponytail and make Elle Fanning look cheap. She has a relatively flat chest and an average size ass. She looks cute and innocent but wait until her clothes are off and her pussy is adequately lubed for a ferocious doggystyle session. She’s a little above 3 feet so basically a solid life size doll with great hair and pretty face. Like her predecessor’s, Matee is already among our best sellers and orders keep trickling for this amorous girl.

  1. Getee– New Design Closed Eyes Heating Function Realistic Sex Dolls

Getee is 5 ft 4 built with advanced heating technology for warming her up before and during your athletic sexual adventures. She comes with her eyes dimmed while she seductively bites on her lower lip like she’s in the middle of a strong orgasm giving you the motivation to drill deeper and faster. Her titties are a handful each with arousing pointed nipples. She too has a piercing perhaps to tell you she is up for every wild fantasy lined up for the day. She rocks a short blonde wig and she looks hot in dark sunglasses and a booty shot.

  1. Charlotte– New Design Tan Skin Heating Function Realistic Sex Dolls  

Charlotte is 5ft 4, long haired blonde with the perfect ass, inviting curves, and amazing firm breasts. Her clear blue eyes suggest that she wants to be sunk in ecstasy and left there for a while to drown. She too has received her fair share of crazy orders thanks to her human like features and her heating functionality that makes her a darling among horny men out there. Place your order for Charlotte now and enjoy amazing sex whenever you please.

  1. Skelly– New Design Tan Skin Heating Function Realistic Sex Dolls

If you are in the mood to bang a sexy ebony we suggest you check out Skelly. She’s 5ft 4 with an amazingly tanned skin, a big round ass, and great titties accessorized with large firm nipples. Her full lips are a great place to begin your romance before advancing to her tight built-in pussy and anal.

Visit our products’ page and sample these amazing arrivals and lots of other products. Remember you can also order a custom made doll and it shall be delivered in the shortest time possible.

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