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Three’s A Crowd, Or Is It? Could A Sex Doll Spice Up Your Marriage?

There has been a rapid increase in popularity when it comes to sex dolls and the use of them in today’s modern society. As human beings, we are far more open-minded to the possibility of trying new things, and the world of sex is no longer a taboo subject that people want to avoid. The use of sex dolls has, for the majority of time, been associated with singletons, wanting to obtain a guilt-free pleasurable experience without any worry of sexually transmitted infections or breaking the law. But could the introduction of a sex doll spice up your marriage? Recent suggestions would say yes. But how? Read on to find out how.

Fantasized about a threesome? Now’s your chance

Hands up who has ever fantasized about a threesome? Hands up if you now feel that the possibility of one now that you are married is going to be a 0% chance. The truth is, when you get married, you pledge to be loyal and faithful to one another. But having said that, marriage is intended for life, and that is a long time to endure the same routines and processes, especially in the bedroom. Nobody intentionally wants to go out and seek sexual pleasure with another partner, unless they are unhappy with their relationships. Which is another story entirely. But if you do feel like the spark is no longer there, then many couples turn to their fantasies to try and spice things up a little.

A threesome is normally discarded. This usually involves an introduction of another person, be that a friend, colleague or someone you have met through an online forum of some description. However, the involvement of someone else means that there is an emotional connection, which can cause problems internally for one or both of you. A sex doll gives you the chance to enjoy a threesome guilt-free. There is no other physical person involved, there is no emotional baggage to contend with, and there are certainly going to be no feelings hurt in the process. It is just you and your partner experimenting and enjoying a fresh approach to your sex life. Win!

Spicing things up isn’t something to shy away from

Let’s face it, since sex is a topic that is much more open to people, the increase of the use in sex toys in the bedroom has increased. From lubrication to vibrators, couples are now experimenting in this department more than ever. So why should the introduction of a sex doll be no different than using a vibrator?

Ovdolls can be designed to suit a variety of different preferences helping you to create a very realistic sex doll. From hair color to pubic hair style. This means that you and your partner can find something that is different from what you see in one another or perhaps play to a fantasy once more.

You may have already started with the introduction of sex toys, and even role play and scenarios that you both embrace. So a sex doll could be a natural progression for you both to explore and enjoy.

Sometimes you just need to know that you are satisfied

We all have days in our lives where life can feel too much. Work stress, life admin and family time can take its toll. For some people, a huge stress reliever is to enjoy a passionate night, for others, it is simply an early night and a good book. Each couple will find that throughout their marriage, neither of them will be in “the mood” every time the other person is. Fact! However, your personal needs may still need to be taken care of. Life can get in the way, and there can be periods of time for yourself or your partner where sex is not on the table. Changes in life, a new member of the family to deal with, it doesn’t mean you love each other any less.

This is when a sex doll can help alleviate the tension that can build up if you and your partner are just not connecting in the bedroom. It can take the pressure away, and it can mean that when the time is right once more, you can enjoy the moment instead of it feeling like a huge event.

Sex isn’t everything, but it is important

Relationships built on just passion are more likely to end than relationships built on a foundation of passion, love, trust, and honesty. It is how so many couples stay together, through good times and bad times. Sex is an important factor in any relationship. It allows a couple to let their guard down, be intimate and vulnerable with one another, and to enjoy each other’s bodies. But at the same time, it isn’t everything to a relationship, as other factors take control of different parts of your life.

The introduction of a sex doll to the marital bedroom can help to increase and encourage a greater appreciation of the act of sex. A sex doll can help you try new things, understand what you like and dislike with your body, and perhaps enlighten you to new things and techniques. This can lead on to a greater experience with your partner, as you both understand your likes and dislikes and are more in tune with how each other feels.

In conclusion, will it work for you?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to this question. A relationship can have many flaws, ones in which a focus on your sexual intimacy may not solve. It isn’t something that should be taken lightly. If a lack of intimacy and passion is the only weakness in what is seen to be a strong and stable marriage then all of the above will highlight the possible benefits of an introduction of a sex doll into your lives. But at the same time, if there are other issues that you need to address, you may not want to overcomplicate the situation.

If you don’t try, you will never know, and it is certainly apparent that while sex dolls are usually marketed to singles, there are many happy relationships also taking advantage of and improving matters in the bedroom.

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  1. Bobby Smith says:

    Lol..Between this doll here and the male doll Jonathan I could be Very well satisfied!! Nice dolls…Just wish I could come up with the $$$..I’m not gay but the male doll made me drool and cum..Lol..???

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