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11 Frequently Asked Questions About Real Sex Dolls

For the uninitiated, the world of real sex dolls can be incredibly confusing. As a result, there tend to be a lot of uncertain people asking the same questions about what life is like with a sex doll and how the entire ownership process works.

So, let’s provide some clarity. Below are the most frequently asked questions people have about buying, living with, and caring for sex dolls, as well as the answers that so many people need…

  1. Question: How do you buy sex dolls?

Answer: Sex dolls are predominantly sold online, including here with us at OV Doll. Society hasn’t quite reached the point where sex dolls are available in stores, but it’ll be a great day when they are!

  1. Question: How will I know if I’m going to like a sex doll?

Answer: This is a tricky one to answer. For obvious hygiene reasons, you can’t try a sex doll out and see if you like it– an element of your purchase is always going to be based on faith. However, taking the time to thoroughly do your research and considering your own sexuality should provide some insight.

  1. Question: What does a sex doll feel like?

Answer: This depends entirely on the type of doll you buy, whether the doll has a standing function (these dolls tend to be slightly more rigid to the touch, though the vagina/anal feel is still the same softness you’d expect), and the quality of the doll itself. Real sex dolls should feel soft and pliable, but with an element of rigidity. If a doll is well made, their “skin” will feel soft, and — depending on the model you choose — can even feel warm to the touch.

  1. Question: Will my wife/girlfriend let me have a sex doll?

Answer: A lot of people ask this question as sex dolls can be difficult to hide and store without raising the suspicions of your partner. Realistically, the only answer to this question is… who knows? It entirely depends on your wife! However, it’s worth knowing that many happy couples incorporate a sex doll into their sex lives and love the experience, so it’s always worth trying to broach the subject to see if your wife might be keen to give it a try. If not — or if you don’t feel comfortable raising the idea — then you might want to opt for a smaller doll, as these can be stored more efficiently.

  1. Question: Will having a sex doll really satisfy my urges beyond standard masturbation?

Answer: It’s natural to wonder this, as real sex dolls cannot particularly interact with their owner, so many men wonder if they offer any real, genuine improvement over standard masturbation. The answer to this is somewhat subjective, but the proof is largely found in the popularity of sex dolls. Thousands, if not millions, of men across the world absolutely adore the experience they get from their sex doll, and do see it as a superior way of satisfying urges. The only way to know is to try!

  1. Question: Why do some men have more than one sex doll?

Answer: Everyone has different moods, preferences, and things they like at certain points in their life. The variety available with our range of sex dolls ensures that men can find exactly what they want. Some days they might be in the mood for a slender doll with wide eyes and blonde hair; the next they want a curvaceous brunette. As a result, they have more than one doll– and frankly, why not? There’s no need to worry about monogamy or cheating with a real sex doll, so you can have a different favourite depending on your particular needs at any given time. The ability to change things up and be with someone ‘different’ is one of the great advantages of sex dolls.

  1. Question: Why are sex dolls so expensive?

Answer: Real life sex dolls are exquisitely made, often to custom specifications. This costs money, which is reflected in the sale price. Sure, you can buy cheap real sex dolls if you want, but they’ll be of a low quality that means you just won’t enjoy them as much as you would with a real sex doll. A huge amount of research and development is put into producing sex dolls that offer a genuine, realistic experience that is enjoyable time and time again. The dolls are built to last, too. When you combine the extensive research, the build quality, and the customisation process, any good sex doll is going to be costly, but you’ll definitely think they’re worth it!

  1. Question: How are real sex dolls cleaned?

Answer: We covered this in detail here, so give that a read, but you’ll be pleased to know the process is actually very simple.

  1. Question: Can sex dolls be moved into different positions?

Answer: Absolutely! If you can think of a position, then the skeleton of your sex doll will be able to manage it. The only limit is your imagination!

  1. Question: Will having a sex doll affect my libido towards interactions with women?

Answer: This is rather subjective. What most men find is that they achieved a different kind of satisfaction from their real sex doll when compared to interactions with women. With a sex doll, you can just focus on you and having a good time, which can be liberating. You shouldn’t find that your desire and ability to sleep with women is remotely affected by your usage of a sex doll, especially if you have a high sex drive anyway.

  1. Question: Why are sex dolls becoming more common?

Answer: 1) Society is generally becoming more accepting of sexual products and behaviours in general. 2) Sex dolls offer a genuinely enjoyable experience that many men find helps control their libido and enhance their sexual satisfaction. It really is that simple!

In conclusion

Hopefully the above helped to answer any questions you had about sex doll ownership. If you have any questions regarding buying from our site specifically, then we’ve compiled this handy Q&A to ensure maximum satisfaction with your purchase.

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