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How To Choose Your First Sex Doll

Sex dolls are slowly becoming more and more accepted into modern culture. Dolls, and their owners, have been featured in numerous documentaries, helping to bring attention and acceptance to a once hidden world.


This new awareness has lead many men to begin to wonder whether a sex doll would be right for them. Guys who had never considered a sex doll before can find this quite surprising, but most will then begin to investigate the possibilities of purchasing a doll for themselves. They will begin to research and then, they will find themselves overwhelmed.


The range of sex dolls is huge


The variety of different sex dolls on offer can make the decision on buying your first ever doll a confusing one. How are you, a new buyer, supposed to know what you’re actually looking for? What makes for a good sex doll, and what makes for a poor one? How can you possibly choose between what seems like infinite variety? You want a sex doll, but you’re no closer to actually finding the one you want to buy.


If the above sounds familiar, then help is at hand. Below, you’ll find a full step-by-step guide to ensuring you find the right doll for you, helping to guarantee that your first ever sex doll purchase is a beneficial one.


Step One: Assess the market


When you first decide to make the leap and buy a sex doll, you’re going to want to research. Spend a little time on our site just looking at pictures; there’s no need to click for more information for now. Just look.


You should begin to get some idea from the photographs as to what kind of sex doll you’re looking for. Focus more on physical features such as hair colour, eye colour, and body type rather than outfits; remember, you can dress your own sex doll up however you wish, so don’t be swayed by delightful-looking underwear! You should soon be able to understand the overall look that appeals to you, which is going to be invaluable when you continue the buying process.


Step Two: Think about the practicalities


Now you have an idea in mind as to your preferred general look of a sex doll, you can begin to consider all the other aspects of buying a doll. You will need to figure out where you’re going to keep your doll, how you will care for and clean your doll, and all of the essential after-care factors.


Why is it important to do this now? Simple: it’s for your peace of mind. When you’re satisfied that you can integrate a sex doll into your life, you’ll guarantee the best possible buying process. With all the background work done and researched, you can move on to the actual purchase itself without suddenly having to pause to find a solution to a dull logistical problem. You can just focus on what you want.


Step Three: Choose your height


Now you have all the basics of doll ownership covered and an idea of the final look you expect from your doll– so it’s time to get down to purchasing.


The first decision you will have to make is height. As a general rule, the taller you are, the taller your doll should be– we sell dolls that are up to 5’8” in height, which is more than suitable for guys who are well over 6”.


It’s also worth factoring in your home storage availability when choosing the height of your doll. If you’re short on space in your home, then you’ll want to consider the shorter dolls. The storage is far simpler, and you’ll find smaller dolls can integrate well into even the most cramped of living environments.


Step Four: Custom or pre-designed?


You now have to make arguably the biggest decision of the sex doll buying process. Do you want to buy a pre-designed doll, or opt for a completely custom delight?


For a pre-designed doll, you will still have an element of choice over the doll’s appearance. With us, you can customise skin colour, cup size, pubes, whether or not the doll can stand, and more. Keep in mind the image of your perfect doll that you formulated in Step 1. If you can find a pre-designed doll that, with a little tweaking with the customising options, comes close to or achieves perfection, then you’re likely to be more than happy with the doll you receive.


Things become trickier if you’re looking for a very particular doll… and you just can’t seem to find her, even when you access the provided customisation options. If this is the case for you, then you will want to consider a fully customised doll.


With a fully customised option, you’re in complete control. You can choose everything, including body type, head, pubic hair, and even tattoo options. It is well worth pursuing this option if you genuinely can’t find a pre-designed doll that suits your preferences.


Remember, a sex doll is an investment. You don’t want to force yourself to compromise with a physical trait that you would rather wasn’t there, or was different to what is offered; compromises will spoil your enjoyment. Instead, take the time to utilise all the information you discovered in the earlier steps, along with your physical preferences, so that you can be 100% confident that your doll meets your exact specifications.


Step Five: Order


When you have finalised the look of your doll, go ahead and place your order. Now all you have to do is wait for your doll to arrive. Use the time to clear any storage space you need, so that your home is all ready and waiting for your doll when she arrives. You may also want to buy outfits or lingerie for your doll if you have specific requirements in this department.


Step Six: Receive your doll


If you have followed the advice above, you will be delighted with your doll, and the fun can really begin for the two of you!


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